Performing Arts

Paris is one of the most vibrant European cities that boosts of a rich cultural life. As a tourist visiting Paris for the first time, you must not miss seeing at least one of performing arts. Paris is a city of performing artists with a long and distinguished history dating back to the 17th century. Parisians and tourists love to see performing arts may it be opera houses, ballet company or the dozen and more major theatres.

Where to find the Paris performing arts?

If you are interested to see a few performing arts, you can always see music, stage and film offerings in the local publications. Don’t be astounded when you get dizzy with so many events in the city because this is always so. The opera, ballet and symphony are all world-class and therefore worth your while.

Are you in traveling in a budget? If yes, there are less expensive performing arts. You can find these performances in a number of churches such as the American Cathedral, Sainte Chapelle and the Louvre Auditorium.

You can also check out performing arts events in the Paris Opera Company or its more modern counterpart, the Opera Bastille. Both of these venues are worth an evening going out.

If you are more interested in modern pop or rock and roll concerts, you can check the latest schedules at Bercy Stadium. It is an enormous venue located at the eastern part of Paris.

Which are the best venues for Paris performing arts?

If you want to see operas, there are two big opera houses in Paris: Paris has two distinct opera houses: First is the ornate Beaux Arts Palais Garnier with its huge stage and six-ton chandelier. It is also the site of the classic play “Phantom of the Opera”. Second is the modern Opera Bastille, which opened in 1989 as a tribute to 200 years of French Revolution.

In terms of dance, there is ballet from traditional to the avant-garde. It can be seen either in the Palais Garnier or the Opera Bastille. There is also modern dance featuring 20th century artists. Another popular artist in the Paris performing art scene is Isadora Duncan who teaches unstructured modern dance.

In terms of theater, Paris boasts many major theatres such as the 18th century Odeon Theatre, the Theater du Chatelet, the Theatre National de Chaillot and many others.

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