Parks & Gardens

For most people, parks and gardens are great places to spend time with family on a picnic every Sunday. But Paris parks and gardens are different. Although, they were made as a public place where family and friends meet, but Paris parks and gardens are not just mere public places—they are work of arts.

Paris parks and gardens have always been the icons of French culture. And now, you can not just see these beautiful Paris parks and gardens on paintings or pictures. You can go to them and enjoy their flowers, grasses, fountains, and trees.

Le Jardin du Luxembourg: The Most Popular Paris Park and Garden

Better known as Luxemburg Gardens, this place was established by Marie de Medicis, an Italian monarch, in 17th century.

This Paris garden is famous if you want to sniff some fresh air and enjoy the warm heat of the sun. You can stroll around or play around the place with some kids or you can watch a classical puppet show on a weekend.

Try boating on the pond or enjoy the botanical arrangement in the park, its Renaissance layout, iron chairs, and the statues of different queens of France.

However, never expect to enjoy having your picnic at Luxemburg Gardens because the grasses here are not that friendly for picnics.

One-Stop Nature Tripping at Bois de Vincennes

Nicknamed as Paris’ lungs, this Paris park and garden is an English-style park with lakes, gazebos, hilly areas for picnics, and pathways.

Bois de Vincennes is almost three times larger than New York’s Central Park. You can also enjoy the zoo, permanent fairgrounds, botanical park, and farm in this park. If you happen to be at Paris in summer, you might enjoy watching a jazz performance in this Paris park and garden.

Some great things to do in Bois de Vincennes are biking, boating, picnic, or just feeling the French nature.

Other Paris Parks and Gardens

Luxemburg Gardens and the Bois de Vincennes are just two of the great parks and gardens in Paris. These two are enough to give you the kind of pleasure you want from parks and gardens. However, you can still choose other parks and gardens in Paris.

Why not consider visiting the oldest and the most lavish garden of Paris—the Tuileries Garden? Or maybe you want to visit the scientific hotspot of Paris, the Jardin des Plantes.

Parc Montsouris, Buttes-Chaumont, Bois de Boulogne, Parc de la Villette, The Planted Promenade, and Parc Andre Citroen are other Paris parks and gardens that can surely give you the natural pleasure you are looking for in this French city.