Culture & Entertainment

Paris, France is undoubtedly one of the top tourist destinations, if not the number 1 destination, in the world. It has a culture and entertainment scene that packs in famous museums that feature unique collections, eateries that serve the finest food, and awesome architecture that amazes every visitor. It also gives you an unmatched nightlife, colorful festivals, an experience that satisfies your cravings for shopping, and fun-packed adventure that makes for a truly memorable experience.

There are more than 70 Paris museums you can visit.  Each museum tour you take will be a very unforgettable and enriching experience. If you’re an arts and culture buff, consider buying a Paris Museum Pass that allows you to visit some 70 museums.

The City of Lights is also well-known for its heavenly cuisine, so it is not surprising that restaurants come in every form ranging from the antiquated and budget-friendly to the hip and expensive.

If you think the majestic Eiffel Tower is the city’s only claim to fame, better think again.  The City of Lights has 1,001 delights to offer in terms of architecture, ranging from the neoclassical to the modern.

If only for the crazy shopping, Paris would still be the best place even if it did not have the iconic Eiffel Tower. No any other city in Europe and in the world comes close in terms of the number of exquisite shops packed so closely together. People there live in style and this is exhibited best at night, where the nocturnal creatures strut their fashion in the city’s hippest bars and restaurants.

Looking for some Paris sports? You won’t just find a great football or rugby game in this French City. You might even be surprised of what Paris has to offer tourists like you who love sports. Paris also hosts some of the most popular sports and sporting events in Paris, including the French Open, Tour de France, and Paris Marathon.