Smoking in Paris

Whether you are a smoker or someone who can’t bear smoke, it would be important to learn about the smoking premise in Paris. Generally, smoking in Paris and throughout France is tolerated; however, this is restricted to specific areas in the city. There are actually quite a number of places, particularly public transport and enclosed … Read moreSmoking in Paris

10 things you need to know if you’re studying in Paris

We might know it best as the city of love, but Paris is much more than just a romantic tourist destination. The French capital is a highly eclectic and vibrant city that also boasts some world-class education facilities. Studying abroad can be a challenging but highly rewarding experience. For any students who are considering furthering their education in France, … Read more10 things you need to know if you’re studying in Paris

Paris budget backpacking

Backpacking is a great way to see as many parts of a country as possible, and is the reason many travellers can afford to be away for such a long time exploring the world. Preparing yourself with plenty of useful information and making a plan before you travel will help you to make the most … Read moreParis budget backpacking

A Traveller in Paris

A Traveller in Paris Paris, France is one of the favorite travel destinations of almost anyone in the world. Dobie Narciso, a nurse working in London, has just got the time of her life to get to visit the City of Light in 2010. Here’s what she has to say about the experience: When did … Read moreA Traveller in Paris

Paris and Coffee

Paris isn’t really known for its coffee. In fact, not many tourists get to really appreciate their coffee experience in the City of Light. However, with little research, you’d learn that the city’s coffee isn’t that bad at all.  Below are other information about having a coffee in Paris:   Upon entering a coffee shop … Read moreParis and Coffee