5 Fun Ways to Practice French in Paris

French terrace

The city of lights and romance, Paris is one of the most attractive destinations for international language learners. Paris offers top language schools to learn French, offering a great variety of language courses and French cultural immersion programmes. Learning French in Paris not only includes attending your immersive language courses, but also provide enormous fun … Read more5 Fun Ways to Practice French in Paris

Discover the castles of Paris

With so many beautiful places to visit and cultural sites to see in Paris, especially in the summer months when you can take advantage of the glorious weather and experience Paris outdoors, it can be difficult to fit everything in. Your plan may include visits to art museums, historical monuments, glorious gardens and quaint cafes, … Read moreDiscover the castles of Paris

Visiting Paris in May

Anybody who has been to Paris in May would probably wonder why that song of Frank Sinatra talked about the city in April when the city is in fact nicer in May. Although the city starts to bloom in April, this month is also considered the wettest month in the city, thus, visiting the City … Read moreVisiting Paris in May

Modern Paris in Movies

Paris in Hollywood is a no-brainer. From the 60s to the 70s, 80s, 90s, and now, the 2000, the city has always had that appeal to both filmmakers and moviegoers. Below are just few of the blockbuster films featuring the modern Paris in modern times Inception Starring Leonardo de Caprio, this 2010 sci-fi action film … Read moreModern Paris in Movies