5 Fun Ways to Practice French in Paris

5 Fun Ways to Practice French in Paris

The city of lights and romance, Paris is one of the most attractive destinations for international language learners. Paris offers top language schools to learn French, offering a great variety of language courses and French cultural immersion programmes.

Learning French in Paris not only includes attending your immersive language courses, but also provide enormous fun opportunities to practice your French skills while walking down the Seine, visiting the Eiffel Tower, or enjoying typical café through meetup communities. One of the biggest issues for people for learning a new language is practicing the language besides attending language courses. However, the capital of France, Paris, will provide you an excellent environment to learn the French language and practice it with native speakers.

International language schools in Paris provide an extensive range of French courses, from intensive language courses, to French for business and academic purposes, mixed with city tours and other activities. Study French in Paris for an unforgettable language learning experience!

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If you are planning to learn French in Paris, you should really consider the following fun ways to practice your French. Because without the ability to speak and practice your French, you’ll only learn about French culture and become part of the local community on a surface level. Further, as you immerse yourself and practice, your language skills advance, you’ll make new friends, gain the confidence to explore, and be able to enjoy all the delightful things happening in Paris.

1. Schedule a Weekly Cultural Day

Louvre Paris There are many ways to enjoy French culture in Paris, as this city is full of hidden places and adventures. So make sure that while you are attending your French language courses you also make time for scheduling one day or afternoon each week to visit a cultural attraction, such as a museum, art gallery, or even a tourist destination. When visiting a museum, it would be good to support your experience with an audio tour in French, moving through the exhibits at your own pace and carefully listening to the audio. This will help you in having a fun evening while listening and learning new things about the French culture.

2. Go Out for Dinner

French terrace Restaurants and cafes are great locations to practice and improve your language skills. First, you can practice your reading skills by studying the menu in detail. Second, you can practice your speaking skills by avoiding ordering in English and instead order in French by starting a friendly conversation with the waiter. And last but not least, we usually always fall for ear dropping, our curiosity kills us. So you can also practice your listening skills by trying to understand the chatty diners all around you! What can also help you is bringing a pocket dictionary or your smartphone dictionary to help you look up words that you don’t recognize.

3. Pursue Your Hobby–In French

French cooking We all have a hobby, and Paris offers lots of resources to help you grow your skills or have even more fun with it. Therefore, you can look for your hobby and join it to practice your French with your group/team members. If you love cooking, for example, buy a French cookbook and make it your goal to prepare one dish from it each week. If you love football, you can join a team and enjoy playing with them. Or if you are an active book or magazine reader, purchase a few books or magazines in French and enjoy reading them.

4. Practice with locals

Two cheerful girls in Paris In Paris, you have the opportunity to build you conversation skills with native speakers, as locals will be happy to talk to you in French. Parisians consider a sign of common courtesy for tourists to learn greetings and everyday expressions in French, such as “Bonjour!”, “Merci” or “S’il vous plait”. Your French might not be as good at the beginning, but locals will still appreciate your effort and will encourage you further or switch to English. The common prejudice that Parisians cannot speak or refuse to speak in English is exaggerated, especially when it comes to younger population and tourist areas.

5. Tandem Learning

tandem learning Paris Many language schools and centers in Paris combine French courses with various other activities, like sightseeing trips, excursions, parties, shopping, sports (fitness, golf, tennis, yoga, etc). An alternative ways to build your French knowledge include the Franglish community, which arranges meet-ups at cafés throughout Paris. The organizers pair you up with a native French speaker and you talk in French for seven minutes, then English for seven minutes, and then you rotate to another table with a new conversation partner, similar to speed dating but you get to practice your French skills, how cool is that. This will be an opportunity for French learners of all levels to practice their French and have a native speaker correct their mistakes and help improve your French language skills.

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