Discover the castles of Paris

With so many beautiful places to visit and cultural sites to see in Paris, especially in the summer months when you can take advantage of the glorious weather and experience Paris outdoors, it can be difficult to fit everything in. Your plan may include visits to art museums, historical monuments, glorious gardens and quaint cafes, however a trip to Paris would not be complete without visiting at least one of the grand castles, or chateaux.
Here is a list of just some of the spectacular chateaux you can experience while in Paris and the surrounding Paris region.

Château de Versailles

The Chateau de Versailles is a royal palace that was opened in 1632 and was home to Louis XIV. It has a magnificent architectural style of the 17th and 18th centuries and is known across the world for its rich heritage. Some of the most famous buildings include the Hall of Mirrors, the Chapel, the Temple de l’Amour and the Royal Opera. Outside, the gardens are stunning. Taking forty years to complete, the park’s design was of great importance to Louis XIV and included a large number of statues and fountains.


Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte

The Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte is a private chateau located 55km of Paris built in 1661 for Nicolas Fouquet, Louis XIV’s superintendent of finances. The main chateau is constructed on a platform surrounded by a moat, a feature in its own right, so to reach the chateau you need to cross over one of two bridges. The chateau is open to visitors, who can also discover the carriage museum and beautiful gardens. Candlelight visits are available on certain evenings at certain times of the year, where you can experience a spectacular display of candlelights lighting up the chateau and gardens.

Chateau de Thoiry

The Chateau de Thoiry was designed to be in harmony with nature, and the solar cycles. It is still home to the Counts of La Panouse, but parts are open to the public. It is a popular chateau to visit due to its attractions, which include a zoo, botanical gardens and a maze. Many of the animals roam free in the safari park, so you will need to bring your own car to experience it fully. There is also a walk-through part of the zoo, including a glass tunnel where you see the lions really close up!

You can see that a visit to a chateau isn’t just about the architecture and monuments – with so many more attractions to discover, even children will remain entertained. If you haven’t already booked your holiday to Paris, it isn’t too late as there are many deals for all inclusive late holidays still available.