5 most romantic places to practice your French

We all know French is the language of love. So, for anyone looking to brush up on their skills, it makes sense to learn in a romantic location. There are 29 countries that speak French as their native language, offering a fascinating range of customs, traditions and cultures to experience along the way. For anyone planning their next French language holiday, here are five of the best places to add to your list.


Of course we have to start our list with our main destination. When it comes to romantic locations, you need look no further than the capital of love: Paris, France. Some of the romantic ways to practice your language skills in Paris could include; admiring the art in the magnificent Louvre gallery; ordering patisseries in one of the countless bakeries; or perusing the designer fashion at Galeries Lafayette.

Eiffel Tower Sunset


French speaking Montreal features a mix of cosmopolitan chic and scenic natural wonders. Forget learning your French from a stuffy guidebook and instead pick up the language whilst strolling through the stunning Jardin Botanique ─ the third largest botanical garden in the world.

For thrill seeking couples, a trip to La Ronde amusement park is sure to get pulses racing. Or you could simply brush up on your skills whilst ordering a meal at one of the excellent local bars and restaurants.

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France has more to offer than just its cosmopolitan big cities. Amboise is bordered by some of the country’s most stunning natural landscapes, featuring lush green pastures and gently flowing streams.

The city itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features some of the country’s most breathtaking chateaux – each boasting their own fascinating history. Amboise doesn’t always feature at the top of every tourist’s must-see list in France; making it a great location to experience a more authentic and realistic take on the native language.

Quebec City

Romantic elder couple in ParisQuebec features a stunning Old Town filled with charming architecture more familiar to Old World Europe than Northern America. What better way to practice your French than by strolling along the cobbled streets, perusing the fascinating museums and warming up over a delicious glass of Caribou, a locally produced alcoholic drink?

While French may be the native language spoken, the city also prides itself on being highly accessible for visitors with a user-friendly public transport network. For anyone who’s not in a relationship, there’s no reason why romantic Quebec isn’t the right city for you. You can also meet plenty of friendly and like-minded Quebec singles at eHarmony.ca.


Few destinations exude luxury and decadence quite like the country of Monaco. Scaling only 1.95 sq km, Monaco may be the world’s second smallest country but it sure packs a punch with things to do and see. Some of the great ways to practice your language skills include taking a stroll around the lush fountain adorned parks or testing your luck in the famed Monte Carlo Casino.