Visiting Paris in May

Anybody who has been to Paris in May would probably wonder why that song of Frank Sinatra talked about the city in April when the city is in fact nicer in May.

Although the city starts to bloom in April, this month is also considered the wettest month in the city, thus, visiting the City of Light during this month would also require you of an umbrella as frequent showers are likely to occur. In May however, the ratio of sunny days to rainy days is more favorable with temperature ranging from 50-65F – quite pleasant to do an evening stroll after having a romantic dinner with your sweetheart. Although one would still don on a light jacket at night, the city’s weather in May would not hamper you having a great time in the city.

Aside from the favorable weather, one important reason why May would be one of the best months to be in Paris is the various events held in the city during this month. Watch out for the Museum Night in the city, which also happens all throughout France and other parts of Europe. Happening only once a year, the Museum Night is when all the museum’s in Paris throw their doors open for FREE (!) until midnight. This is a perfect time to visit the other museums in the city as many of these establishments ask for relatively expensive admission fees.

Other than the Museum Night, the French Open also takes place in the city in May. Often held in Roland Garros, the French Open is the best time to catch world-famous tennis players come to play. Of course, it is to be expected that tickets are expensive during this time, but seeing top-ranking players do their thing would sure make the pay all worth it.

Paris’ Victory Day is also celebrated on the 8th of May. A public holiday, this day marks the end of World War II, thus expect to see people from all over the country lay flowers on the graves of the brave soldiers during the war. Although some attractions and establishments in the city are close during this time, you can still take this as an opportunity to see the city on a different aspect.

Visiting Paris in May will give you better appreciation of the fascinating and wonderful things one can find in the city of light, so if you can, check out the city during this month.