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19th of September 2018

French Courses in Paris is the best way to discover the French language and culture. However, you might still be contemplating on the most suitable French Languagecourse  fit for your schedule, needs or budget. You have nothing to worry about. Paris offers French language courses for all levels and needs. French language courses cater for all types of communication goals. There can also be tailored classes just for you.

The following are the descriptions of the French language courses in Paris.

Standard French Course
The Standard French Courses is designed for complete beginners who simply wish to brush up on their French language.

This course is perfect for students who want to learn or improve in their French language skills while enjoying their free time. They will have more time to discover Paris and its neighboring regions, get to know the French culture and lifestyle as well as do many recreational activities and a lot more. The class is limited to a maximum of 12 students.

The schools that offer this course in France include ila-france, Lutece Langue and Escapade Paris.

Intensive French Course

The Intensive French course is suitable for students who want to learn or improve their French language skills from complete beginners to advanced learners. Students will be taught grammar and structure and vocabulary. There are also intensive training in their oral and written expression and study of French culture and civilization. For effective individual progress, class sizes are small and the teaching approach used is student-center to allow active participation.

The schools that offer this course in Paris include Paris Langues, ila-france, ACCORD, Lutece Langue, Language Studies International and Escapade Paris.

Long Duration Course

Long Duration Courses is intended for students who are just starting to learn about the French language and plan to stay in the city for a longer period of time. This course offers to immerse the students in Paris’s lifestyle and culture.

The school that offers this course in Paris includes Paris Langues.

Business French  Course

The Business French Course is designed for students who need to develop fluent French language skills for frequent use within the business and professional settings.

The schools that offer this course in Paris include Paris Langues, ACCORD, Language Studies International and Escapade Paris.

One to One / Private Course

One to One or Private course is intended for students who have can only stay in the city for a short time  or who wish to learn more about other fields such as business or legal French, etc. The educational content of this course is tailored made based on the schedule and needs of the student.

The schools that offer this course in Paris include Paris Langues, ACCORD and Escapade Paris.

DELF & DALF Preparation Courses

DELF & DALF Preparation Courses prepare students for the DELF or DALF examinations.  The course content is focused on the written expression and techniques as well as oral exercises to develop argumentation skills.

The schools that offer this course in Paris include Paris Langues and Escapade Paris.

Choose the most suitable French language courses

If you wish to learn or improve your French language skills but you have to consider your time, requirements and budget, you have come in the right place in French Courses in Paris!


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