When to Visit Paris ?

With a fairly stable year-round climate, Paris is one of those lucky cities that can be visited any time of year. So When to Visit Paris?

Winter can be a surprisingly rewarding time of year to visit the City of Lights. Sure, temperatures can be chilly and you may see a snowflake or two, and holiday lights decorate the streets. Plus, it’s often easier to come across great deals on airfare and hotels, and Paris restaurants and attractions are much less crowded.

While it’s the most popular time of year for a visit, summer is ironically the worst season for a Paris trip, as temperatures, humidity and crowds all hit their maximum. People of Paris flock from the city and head for the coast for their summer vacations, leaving behind a strange dynamic as hoards of tourists pack into a city that seems understaffed and, frankly, not very French.

This leaves spring and fall, decidedly the most enjoyable seasons to spend some time in Paris. Warm and bright days are topped off with cool nights and there seems to be the perfect balance of tourists. It’s easier to come by available tables at restaurants, small lines at museums and attractions, open seats on the metro and much more.

So when you ask yourself when to go to Paris, keep in mind that no matter the season, this one-of-a-kind city is an urban gem all year round. However, we certainly recommend spring and fall.

Paris Climate – Average Monthly Temperatures
Maximum (ºF/ºC) Minimum (ºF/ºC)

  • January 43º/6º 34º/1º
  • February 45º/7º 34º/1º
  • March 54º/12º 40º/4º
  • April 61º/16º 43º/6º
  • May 68º/20º 50º/10º
  • June 72º/23º 55º/13º
  • July 77º/25º 59º/15º
  • August 75º/24º 57º/14º
  • September 70º/21º 54º/12º
  • October 61º/16º 46º/8º
  • November 50º/10º 41º/5º
  • December 45º/7º 36º/2º